STOCKROOM is a site about guys and the clothes they wear. We highlight the people, product and producers of menswear.

People are the guys who are nailing it in their respective fields, but also take time to appreciate menswear. And as such, it’s played a role in the success of their careers and, ultimately, is part of their lives. 

Product refers to the individual articles that make up a guy’s closet. In this section we highlight top notch pieces that we think are worth the investment.

Producers is where you can take in a brand’s entire line, lookbook or collaboration. It’s where we highlight emerging designers or vets that continue to produce solid work.

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Jamie Gillingham, editor 

Jamie is the founding editor of STOCKROOM. When he’s not writing about clothes that he’ll probably never own (but wishes he did), he can be found tweeting hilariously insightful things, like:

‘@WTFFacts: Elephants die of a broken heart if a mate dies. They refuse to eat, lay down, shed tears til they starve to death.’ Drama queen.

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Contact him at jamie@stockroommag.com.




Matthew Gao, graphic designer

A connoisseur of all things beautiful, Matthew is always on the lookout for new adventures. When not working on STOCKROOM, Matthew loves playing guitar, taking photos and browsing the internet for fashion inspiration. A long-time fan of Apple, Matthew spends the majority of his spare time reading up on all the latest tech gossip and day dreaming about the amazing gadgets he wish he had.

Contact Matthew at mgmatthew.gao@gmail.com.




Marta Czurylowicz, contributing editor

Marta is an aspiring broadcast journalist always on the lookout for a good story.  She enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends and dressing up the men in her life.  She loves being involved with her community and stays true to her Ukrainian roots. As well as writing for STOCKROOM, Marta also teaches Ukrainian dance and is the Host of the community channel, KONTAKT.

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Contact her at marta.czur@hotmail.com.